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I've used the weather channel for 10 years... I live in Truckee Ca where people can live or die by weather information... And being able to read it... When I search:"Truckee weather" the first site at the top of the page is the Weather Channel (I suspect it will soon drop down as the "webmaster" is continually paid to jack the site up worse and worse) I'm a creature of habit and for 10 years I've used the site near daily... Nice deep blue background with bold white writing that I could easily see and read on my phone screen...

A few months ago... I noticed the site wouldn't load and was glitching... The one day a new format appeared...teeny tiny text on a grey background... I had to go get my readers to see the weather for the first time in 10 years... One day the old site would come back up... The next day the new one (if I could get it to load)soon it was just the new site coming up (again... If I could coax it into loading at all) and the teeny tiny text was double layered (text on top of text... So ya couldn't read it even it would load).... Yep... Ya paid someone to ruin the site... For the last 3 days the only thing that will load are the endless, worthless, ridiculous adds... No weather... Just a picture of a dress at 50% off...

for the last couple months I've adjusted myself to Accu Weather which loads instantly and I don't need glasses to see it... I still log on (try to) the Weather Channel but not for the weather anymore... Now just to gawk at the gory wreckage and to my amazement... The end and destruction of a once useful tool that I depended on...

Good bye Weather Channel.... I'm done!

...if it ain't broke... Don't fix it...

Or at least if u fall for the sales pitch to update the site... Let it be an actual improvement...not a "down date" your "webmaster" should be dropped off in these snowy mountains with nothing but his own "weather Channel" to sustain him... You can thaw him out in the spring time and give him a proper burial...

See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya!

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Ardmore, Oklahoma, United States #1227141

I'm glad people are posting these comments I don't know if it will help but at least keep posting if enough people know and catch on to Jim and Stephane's bullsh-t then maybe we can all relax with some honest weather

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1145781

Sacramento, I agree with you 100%. I have written them numerous times, but either they don't care, don't agree, or don't have time.

I watched the Weather Channel for all the beginning years, now the TV part has so much scrolling and advertising, often triple layers, they try to show you a picture but 1/3 of it is blocked by junk, and so much clutter as you stated, sales on dresses, I wonder why they are so desperate. I also told them I use Weather Underground or AccuWeather so my desk top doesn't take forever to load. It doesn't do this with other sites. The weather on the "8's" is a joke, I am in Colorado and the first thing I see is East Coast forecast.

As you said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

I swear that message you wrote could have been from me ! Thx

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