Just travelled to dominican repunlic. All week forecast was 80-90% chance if rain, storms...

we even thought to cancel our trip. It turned out to be all sunny, no rain at all. I guess you cant trust any company anymore since they are driven by adds. I suspect weather forecasting is a profitable bussines by indeirectly charging hotels.

The more hotels pay adv in their channels the better the forecast. Shame on them.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Weather Channel Weather Forecast.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Weather forecasting is the one last business you can be wrong and still be OK. However I'd agree that there's too many ads on the Weather Channel's website. Too many to the point that it becomes unusable sometimes.


While you were in that strangely-spelled country did you by any chance have time to brush up on your English composition and spelling?

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