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I'm upset because I cant contact them. No phone number.

You have to go through the web site and fill out a form. Problem is I have trouble with the forms coming up as an error. I signed up for a trial on their Desktop Max.. was not able to find someone to help and cancel the trial.

Yes, I was charged $29 and no product to use. Sorry customer relations when you can't contact them. Very difficult and no email of my purchase or thank you.

Does anyone know an email for them or phone number...

Don't be a victim.

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Plymouth, Michigan, United States #6097

The State of Maine We have just passed a record that has held since 1939 187 inches of snow ,it has been snowing for three days we have amassed over twenty inches in Caribou alone .Ther is a US Weather Station at Caribou why is it you never give Weather news north of Portland there is still 380 miles left in this state dont we count ?Charles F Pine Sr

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