All this stuff going on in Ca. and we know nothing about it with this new Weather Channel, I have family out there, I want to know everything going on, like the weather channel we had, this is *** !

I have to go to all facebook weather to find out what is going on, cause I have 1 weather nation on channel 362, nothing eles, that tells me nothing ! AND I MEAN NOTHING!!!!! We need to know, You big companies fighting over money, and once again the poor people pay !

sad world this is !! thank you.

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #789780

Go to the weather channel website and type in whatever zip code you want to know the weather for. It's easier to find than this website and you managed to get here.

***, it's easier than Facebook! It'll take you 2 seconds to find out the weather and you can even watch the radar.

I didn't even know the weather channel even still exists on tv until your post haha!! :grin


Are you ***king stu.pid? How the *** did you post this?

Hmmmm.. There is this thing called the internet where I'm pretty sure you can find anything anytime including weather and news!! Whoa!

Wow! I'd rather dump a useless channel like the weather channel than have my bill go up!

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