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I agree with some of the other comments and to me the new look totally SUCKS. Wasted space on bottom right corner for Twitter & Face book...big deal

to many tiny temps for the Day line at the bottom of screen and the small tiny print for the Date and time.Not all of us have 55-85 inch screens.It seems so impersonal now and tiny info is too much and not all of it neccessary.

I may as well be watching a computer screen for the same effect. I started watching the Weather Network way back in the late 80's and even got a free mug from the weather channel.Who ever got this big ideal got it wrong and is almost as bad as a year or 2 ago, when they had this horrid jazzy type music on for a couple of months.I couldn't find the remote fast enough to change the channel to a news channel.

Now I mostly watch the news channels again and especially before I'm heading out for work. The older style had decent music and easy to see weather readout, and the date and time was easy to see and to help you to know when to head out the door.

Also, all the people who usually present to us aren't on as much and although the wedge of screen is bigger than the rest of all that is squeezed on the screen , still not the same as seeing them all. Boo hiss !

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Smiths Falls, Ontario

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