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I loved the weather channel. The new version is terrible.

The color is awful and most of all there is no way to do a quick look at the 15 day.

Fine if you want to show mornings and afternoons just let me have it the old way and then let me ask if I want something more. It’s terrible and I am dropping it now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ibm Weatherchannel Mobile Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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New app is also difficult to navigate and there is just too much clutter and not easy to find what you're looking for. I'm going to Weather Nation


I liked the weekly forecasts the weather channel used to have as well. Besides all the dumb shows they broadcast, in my opinion, TWC favors the eastern half of the United States much of the time and the west coast where I live doesn't seem to get as much coverage.


Weather sucks and so does the guessing weather channel


It does not show anything. App works 2 times a day.

I want the old app back.

This one is terrible. I am going to delete it and find another one.


I imesurely believe you people cant take critisizim. why don't you get some balls and bury those 3 stooges in the early morning some place in the afternoon so we all can enjoy the weather in the am.

carfagno and abrams look like the string mop sisters with their hair. and abrams and her 5 inch spikes. cantore wants to be a walt Disney artist. its weather folks not a fashion show.

the good old days when Vivian brown was there. we wont even turn it on anymore.


just got a weather alert that said in all caps and exclamation points that in 20 mins it would rain, well its been 40 mins and not a drop. and this happens almost daily.

over and over, its got to the point that if the weather channel say something i just assume the opposite will happen. I am right many many times more that way.


This used to be dependable and quite accurate. Not any more.

Totally useless and dangerous to us that depend on it.

Go to *** weather channel. Sick of your stupid ***


Thanks once AGAIN weather channel for compleatly @&$&ing ANOTHER FORCAST!!!! Because this time you made me $100...

I bet 4 buddies that not only would this "patch of clouds" not only NOT become a hurricane but it wouldn't even become a GOOD SQUALL !!! And just how was I able to make such a drastic prediction, you might ask? Simple....because the geniuses at the weather channel SAID IT WOULD!!!! Where in the world do you find these people ???

Have they ALL been fired as weather men and women from local TV stations? Do you find them in parks sitting on benches feeding ducks? Maybe in Wal-mart parking lots holding up signs reading "HOMELESS WILL FORCAST WEATHER FOR FOOD"??? Good grief guys and gals, when are you guys gonna realize that that PhD you got from the back of that Capn, Crunch box ain't going to get it any longer!!!!

Believe me fella's the credibility of the weather channel , after years of continued screw ups has tanked. And I have 4 disgruntled friends to add to the growing list...Well, gotta run guys, I've got some patio furniture I have to tie down!!!


Amen brother, amen!


New weather format is terrible. You shouldn't fix what's not broken.This isn't a improvement it looks horrible and you can't take a quick glance and see what you want instead you have to rummage around as if you were in your closet.


I tune into the Weather channel hoping to hear weather and all they do is talked about weather history and the Hurricanes from the last few years and do a lot of interviews I'm just trying to get some dang weather information


Does anyone look out the WINDOW??




Thank you weather channel for showing one of your stupid *** shows Monday night instead of reporting on the HUGE tornado in Dayton Ohio


New app is horrible... Used to be able to have everything @ your fingertips, but now it's like pulling teeth...

Can't even check the tides anymore... Worst update ever


What’s the use in having any version of the app if they can’t even forecast one day in advance? Try to plan something and check the weather forecast.

According to the app, it’s suppose to be cloudy. Make plans, get up and look outside, it it looks like rain. Check the weather channel app and now it says rain!

This happens way too frequently. Before artificial intelligence and all of the other computer assisted weather forecasting they got it right more often


Awful update to the app. Terrible way to look at forecasts.

Even worse way to get info on other places.

Who. Or what designed this?


Dislike new app updates. Very scattered and not organized easily. I wish I can get the old one back!


I don't like the new Version of the Weather i would like to have the old Version of the Weather


Hate the update! Bring back the weekly weather at a glance. Improve the radar map too!

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