I am sick and tired of turning on TWC only to see her joking, telling stories and a few weeks ago dropped "frickin" on the air. I know its not the f bomb, but it is.

There's a time and a place for everything, and live on the weather channel is NOT it. Enough is enough. Where is her professionalism if she has any? We love Jim Cantore, and cannot believe he would allow himself to be associated with such unprofessionalism and nonsense.

Lose all of the silliness and stories and just give us the weather. Nobody cares to go down memory lane with Stephanie. We just want an accurate weather forecast, which is something she does not provide.

If I want accuracy, I have to tune into Curt Mellish. She should take some classes from him on how to provide a good, no nonsense accurate weather forecast that people can rely on.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Weather Channel Reporter.

Reason of review: Bad weather.

The Weather Channel Pros: Jim cantore.

The Weather Channel Cons: Stephanie abrams.

Location: Marietta, Georgia

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How about Brittney Boyer from Accuweather. Super professional. It’s incredible how Stephanie is just an idiot..


She needs to be replaced



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