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I have tried to tolerate this woman for almost a year now. I hate how she talks over everyone all the time, just rude.

Watching her today broadcasting Irma, she can't put down the device's and talk to her audience or use her education with out assistance. If she didn't want to be in the weather she should have stayed back at the lab instead of the fifth floor of the hotel. Several times she was asked a direct question and completely blew it off by saying "Oh I posted that on Facebook live earlier ". She never answered the question she is rogue and out of control.

She should be held more accountable for her bad behavior.

I love watching Jim and Jennifer in the morning but Stephanie ruins the entire show, and anything else she is on. Take her off the air.

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Sorry I do not agree. Jim is the best.

@Dr. Ron

Some people just can't handle professional women. Stephanie is, and was a great meteorologist! Jen is a dingbat!


When Stephanie leaves your viewers might come back. She is offensive.


I am watching the wc as I am typing. Stephanie is so rude, she cuts everyone off and talks over them.

I can only imagine the animosity that these seasoned veterans must feel when she does this to them. Just so rude.


It appears that Jim barely tolerates during hurricane coverage.


I turned the WC coverage off yesterday because of her! All that drama and yelling.

Certainly the situation was tense enough without her screaming and predicting that the records would be revised and it would be a cat 5 storm.

I seriously do not know why the WC keeps her, but I'm over it. No more WC for me.


I totally agree!!!!! I posted the same thing on the weather channel’s Facebook page!!!!

She kept trying to get people to co-sign her predictions and no one would!!! They really need to make her tone it down or get rid of her altogether!!


These posts are so spot on. Just had TWC on and had to turn it off because this woman came on and started her usual screaming on air.

Had to search online to see if anyone else is tired of her and I see that there are many. Someone running that channel needs to wake up and drop this on air personality!


I wholeheartedly agree with everyone who commented. I very much enjoy TWC and all of the other personalities but flip the channel immediately when this obnoxious, annoying, loudmouth comes on.

She has always been bad but seems even worse lately, I am shocked that they have kept her on the air this long, the only reason can be that she has something on someone.

Even our local channel forecasters all outshine Abrams to an infinite degree. Replace her with any one of them!


She is trashy, sloppy, and irritating to watch. Extremely unprofessional is a constant with this one.

I do not undetstand how she has a job. She has no class! She just doesn't make any sense.

It is like she is off the cuff all the time, whomever decided that was cute is wrong! It comes off like a dumb blonde every time.


Needs to go. She is not professional


She's a babble monster, full of lame anecdotes. Please muzzle her.


I totally agree....she is so annoying. She never knows how to keep her mouth shut. She thinks its the Stephanie show I think.


I don't even know where to begin. I stoppex watching TWC morning show because of her.

She is loud, obnoxious and interrupts Jim, Reynolds and Jen systematically and sou ds like a college boy and her sarcasm is just not funny at all. She just has to go. Everytime I hear her voice I want to crawl out of my skin. She also makes comments sometimes with a double-meaning and giggles like an idiot when she has to use certain words like, moist, wet, hard and more and we all know why....just so unprfessional.

Bri g back Sharon Resultan. My favorites on there are Mike Bettes, Reynold Wolf and Kelly Cass.


She is full of *** I won’t watch the weather channel cause of her obnoxious behavior and talking over and one upping everyone else.


THE WORST !!!!!!!!


sooooo annoying. loud, brash, full of herself, contradicts, interrupts and just aggressive. she's too much at 5am..


Haha yes she is putting me in the worst mood too early lol


It's all about me Stephanie. She must have connections be she is truly obnoxious.


Agree completely...Stephanie Abrams is a cancer to the AMHQ show affecting other people negatively and putting them in what appears to be a very uncomfortable position. She is extremely rude, an over-talker and just down-right insecure about herself/appearance. Finally, she should "dress appropriately"...very unprofessional in her attire.

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