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I have tried to tolerate this woman for almost a year now. I hate how she talks over everyone all the time, just rude.

Watching her today broadcasting Irma, she can't put down the device's and talk to her audience or use her education with out assistance. If she didn't want to be in the weather she should have stayed back at the lab instead of the fifth floor of the hotel. Several times she was asked a direct question and completely blew it off by saying "Oh I posted that on Facebook live earlier ". She never answered the question she is rogue and out of control.

She should be held more accountable for her bad behavior.

I love watching Jim and Jennifer in the morning but Stephanie ruins the entire show, and anything else she is on. Take her off the air.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Weather Channel Reporter.

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I agree....she always acts like the audience is dumb and doesn't have a clue. She wants to be an actress.

Very annoying she is.

I switch over to other weather channels when she is on. My husband and I can't stand her "better than you" attitude.


Totally agree! She’s annoyingly, rude and I don’t watch TWC anymore because of her.


I wholeheartedly agree with all of these comments. I love the Weather Channel but switch off immediately as soon as I this media hog appears. Glad to see that I'm not the only one who feels this way.


She's pitiful, and should stick to the facts. Unfortunately, The Weather Channel has turned into just another overly-dramatized reality show. This morning, Stephanie was showing tornado damage from yesterday, and calling it damage from hurricane winds.


She ruins the show. Don't like her at all!


I thought it was just me, i change the channel when Stephanie is on, she is too loud and obnoxious. I also find it annoying when you have to watch more than one person giving you the weather, i mean, how many people do they need to give the same forcast?

Way too many meterologists on at once. Kelly Cass is my favorite.


I can’t watch TWC in the morning because of Stephanie. She’s annoying, loud, hard to look at and just completely unprofessional. Please get rid of her!!


Most everyone else at TWC is classy and professional, but I find Stephanie very difficult to watch and listen to. So many of her comments are immature -- more like someone in junior high.

Today (8/2/19), video of a small plane emergency landing on a highway in Washington state was shown. Stephanie's comment was "...what I found entertaining about this was..." Really?

She found this entertaining? Stephanie, grow up, and think before you talk!


Yes from Day 1.


I thought the fashion sense of the Weather Channel's tv personnel was critiqued by the network itself. I think Stephanie is an excellent meteorologist which is why we watch, right?

Cleavage covered, legs together and most importantly....get the us accurate accounts and forecasts!

I love TWC! Jim C...you rock!


You'd think she was the one thats been there the longest. I hate how she corrects Jim he has been there ALOT longer than her.

She needs to let other people talk. She definitely is annoying.


Please replace her. I stopped watching because of this half wit


I agree. She not a pro.

She in love with herself. Talks over everyone


Please just get this horse faced woman gone


And please take Reynolds Wolf with you Stephanie. Two of the most irritating personalities on tv. What a contrast to the many wonderful professionals on TWC.


Stephanie is the best! Love all the Weather Channel personalities.

@Dr. Ron

I Love Stephanie!


Sorry I do not agree. Jim is the best.

@Dr. Ron

Some people just can't handle professional women. Stephanie is, and was a great meteorologist! Jen is a dingbat!


When Stephanie leaves your viewers might come back. She is offensive.