Take her off the air! Give her a desk job or farm he out somewhere she can't be seen or heard.

Give her to a muslim sheik or something. Anywhere but on my TV. It's hurricane season and I clicked on TWC. Cantore and the rest of the gang are great but this morning, there she was with that terrified voice inciting panic among watchers.

Seriously, find her something else to do. This happens every hurricane season. A storm forms then blows up and just then Abrams shows up on my screen.

Geeeez! Now I have to find some other place to get weather updates.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Weather Channel Reporter.

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Absolutely agree . Stephanie Abrams is a Farm Animal.

She# horrible.

GET HER OFF THE AIR. She’s 5he only one who th8nks she’s good at her job


You’ve just insulted noble animals. Abrams is emblematic of values that mirror the schism between citizens who deal with everyday reality and the contorted worldview of ever-worsening fascist elites whose grip on information sources distinguished them as propagandists...who love the likes of people who eagerly sell their souls to the highest and most offensive bidders.


Do the folks have to stand in Hurricane strength winds for TV fodder? That is just ridiculous.

Remember folks, they are trained for this. Don't do this at home.

Really tired of the weather channel. Folks you can trust?????????

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