The new weather channel app is crap. You need to switch back.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Weather Channel Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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What is WRONG with this app? It keeps reverting back to local weather and ignores my requests for weather in other areas, plus it's horrendously slow.

I've used it for so long and have loved it, but now it's nearly useless and I'm moving on. Whoever did the updates needs to look for other work.


The weather details for local areas, which has been on a banner near the bottom of the t. v.

screen is now very, very tiny. Not good.

In fact, it's terrible. I watch TWC in order to SEE the temperatures.


The update is horrible. It is six-times SLOWER than the previous version.

The visual display is not acceptable. They need to go back to the previous version.


Agreed!!! Deleting from my phone!


I agree. What happened to dew point data, or is that now part of the new enhanced pay package.


Please revert to the previous version of The Weather Channel. The update is terrible. It keeps switching to Celsius, I live in the United States I prefer Fahrenheit


This mapbox icon on the weather channel page site freezes the whole page and it makes the weather channel suck big time


This app now wants to charge 3.99 month or 19.99 yearly. Some nerve considering how buggy and user unfriendly it is.

I paid for it once years ago and now they want a monthly fee. No way.

There are BETTER FREE apps for that. Goodbye TWC


WTH is wrong with weather channel??? App is terrible at temp predictions, and is even WAY off on the current temp!

Its consistently been 6 to 15 degrees wrong on the low side for local weather. Worthless!


agree.....i switched. Bye bye weather channel. After all these years :(


On my iPad, the tiny display is about the size you’d expect on a phone. AccuWeather app is now better. Deleted from my devices.


Watson sucks *** Slowest app ever.


Its terrible. I just switched to MSN weather, or AccuWeather. Weather Channel apps have too many issues.


I agree. I want the extened forecast back the way it was!


Need our local forecast back. I dont care about the temp in Phoenix!!!!!!!!!!!


The new update is total crap! Not only that, it continually drops my saved locations. I don’t know what you did to it, but I’m deleting it and finding another source of weather!


Hate it! I don't want military time on the radar map. They just can't leave anything alone.


its horrible


I, too, have tried to get use to the updated version of TWC, but I hate it. I can't easily find what I'm looking for, if at all. I'm going to delete the app and find a different source for daily weather.


Weather Channel sucks. Never right.

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