The new weather channel app is crap. You need to switch back.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Weather Channel Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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So I went to the Weather Channel to *** about the new app.I thought I can't be the only one that hates this garbage.The other one was perfect and they screwed it up with the white background so hard to read and hard on the eyes.I googled new weather channel app and terrible popped up.Such a FAIL please put it back like it was or I will be Deleting it.SMH


The new app doesn’t give you the large display of the week ahead. It also doesn’t let you swipe between your chosen cities.

I also see that several of my towns aren’t even available now. Please change back to something more like the old format.


App would not open had to update.Now new style sucks.It worked much better before.Why do all updates really be going backwards.Please go back or allow us to go back to a app that really works


Do not like the new app interface. Why?


Omg...it’s SO AWFUL. WHAT is this crap?


Grrrr. I’m literally thinking of spending $9.99month for a better app....which is, admittedly, crazy.....but not sure I want to deal with looking at this bizarro junk every day.


Terrible new format. Ads are so intrusive and data loads so slow. Losing a loyal user of 20+ years!!




I have always loved the weather channel app, but it has frozen and crashed every time I have opened it since Christmas Day and my phone is brand new iPhone XR. I’m switching to accuweather


Doesn’t show the time in real time radar anymore. Everything loads slow now and mainly it sucks


This app is total garbage. It does not even give me my forecast.

There's no reason for me to keep this installed so I am uninstalling it. There is something wrong in your brains weather channel.


Now I cannot resize the radar display so it's now almost useless, and the ads now are so big much of the non-radar display is not visible


Totally dislike your new format!!! Will be switching to another weather related app. Do not know why you changed it up but you made a big mistake


I agree, major fail


Nothing updates like it should. Not easy to navigate.

Sometimes just because you update doesn’t make things better. In this case weather channel failed miserably.


Been loyal for 22 years, but finally going to look for another weather app. Way to go guys.

Does your design people not use there own app? Worst update you have put out.


I have a 10” screen on my iPad and that’s all I can see? Cannot expand much at all.

Cannot even get a fast view of 5, 10, 15 day forecast! Come on folks.

Switch it back. This new update is terrible.


Agreed, it is HORRIBLE. Current conditions don't come up (wind, humidity, etc) and I'm sure you're proud of IBM, but hey, I don't need a 10 second promo every time I click on the icon.


weather.com sucks now - IBM and Watson are horrible


The new app is crap


Since IBM and its pathetic Watson took over weather.com sucks - goodbey IBM crap

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