The new weather channel app is crap. You need to switch back.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Weather Channel Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Old weather app was outstanding why would they change new one is for add I guess


We hate the “Updated“ new version, tried navigating through the mess and can’t find anything. Bring Back the old App Pleeeaaaase.

It wasn’t broken, it worked and was simple.

This is crap! We deleated On our devices and looking for something else.


Hate the new app. Can someone recommend an app like the old one ?


Really really sucks. Deleting it


I agree I hate the new app. I play golf on Saturdays and Sundays and I could always look at the hourly forecast on Friday morning and see the temperature as well as the wind speed (very important) to golfers on how to dress in the colder months of the year.

This new app only gives temp, no wind speed and only gives it like 12 hrs ahead of time.

The old app was just fine. Bring it back please?


We hate the new format. We used to be able to see the whole week, could slide to the town where our vacation condo is and now we can’t.

Why change something that was working and great?!

Clearly with all the comments below you need to go back to the old format! We no longer use the app, bye, bye advertiser income.


I agree will all the other comments, the new weather channel app is terrible!!!!!!


This app really sucks! What the Heck were you thinking?

It’s difficult to navigate, difficult to look at different Locations and the forecast and radar sucks.

The old app was great. When something works well, leave it alone!


This new app is AWFUL


The old app finally just disappeared and had to use the new sucky app only when necessary. Please, Please bring back the the old app


What were you thinking ? Give us the old app back


I can not stand to use this app anymore! It is so frustrating.

It used to like the app a lot until the changes were made. I am deleting the Weather Channel and moving to a different weather app.


Bring back old format!!!!!!!


You really screwed up with new app....it totally SUCKS, I hate it


the new weather channel app is terrible! Hard to read weather information, clogged with crap and popups. Terrible to the point that I've stopped using it alltogether!


Awful changes in Weather Channel format. Could not open for several days, so I uninstalled and reinstalled.

Thought surely I had chosen a different server, however after reading these comments I realize the whole format is different and useless.

Cannot find any format that I really like from other companies, but none of them is as poorly designed as Weather Channel’s new design. I will settle on one of the others and hope Weather Channel realizes they had the best before they changed to this impossible format.


Really terrible tedesign. Not useful or user friendly. Thankfully alternstives are a dime a dozen.App looks like it could have been built by a any middle schooler


Hate the new Weather Channel App. Please bring back the old one.

Used it daily & much more user friendly. Why change a great thing?


How do I get the old app back? The new app is horrible and does not give the week ahead with the daily highs and lows and sunrise and sunset times.

I use this app multiple times a day and now I’m at a loss.

This new version is slow and sucks all around. Help!!


New App Sucks Period

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