The new weather channel app is crap. You need to switch back.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Weather Channel Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The new format is crap. It takes to long to find out what you are looking for.

Terrible. Why do sites fix something that is not broken? How many complaints does it take to sink in?

yes I expect answers. All of the users can't be wrong.


OMG This has to be the most in accurate weather forecast on the planet! It is consistently in accurate and difficult to use.

Just this morning we tried it again as we have torrential downpour’s here for over 30 minutes nonstop and no rain is shown on the radar whatsoever.

Basically it’s a disservice to the public and a waste of time so why even have the weather app. We noticed they were purchased by IBM and that must be the problem that there’s no one experienced on the staff who has any clue about meteorology!!!!!!!!!


New format bad - hides humidity - go back to text format please


Hate the new look! Have to scroll down to see 10-day and hourly forecast; I want it all at a glance!!

Takes too much time and too much mouse movement!! Don't you know we are all too busy to waste time scrolling?


The new format is awful. I need to be able to see the hourly "at a glance." I really just want to see when the rain starts, stops, or when we hit peak/minimum temp etc.

I have neither the time nor the inclination to page thru all the other nonsense. I'm sure somebody cares about the rest of the stuff, but i don't.


The new weather.com site is terrible and disorganized!!~~ Please go back to the old format, or at least make it an option.. We beg you.

Whoever developed the new format must have been smoking "something". Retired physician !!!


Yes, the new format sucks!


The old app I was able to scroll through your hour by hour and look at information but I have to stop every hour and hit a drop down list to see wind speed stupid app


On the drop-down has *** like humidity only thing people care about is the temperature weather conditions to raining or not or snow or whatever and wind speed to *** with everything else


The new Weather Channel app is a piece of crap I don't know why the *** now you have to hit a drop-down Arrow to look at anything stupid


Your app is no good. Does not keep up to new information on vivid 19 numbers.

Saw new numbers on news over 12 hours ago.

Your numbers are old. Get rid of it or keep up.


Your new format is terrible, go back to old format, some idiots idea of new format sucks.


Totally agree! Not only is it harder to read and more cumbersome to navigate, the minuscule wind direction indicators in the hourly pull down POINT BACKWARDS!!!

Any 2nd grader or older know that the pointy end points into the wind - windward - and the wider, tail end points leeward. Also as long as the basic is of this quality, I will NEVER get the Premium version, no matter how persistent they are in covering the radar page with demands.


New app wont load saved favorite location on my background for samsung s9. More work and pain to use.


No s8**88


Is anyone listening? Bring back the old app now!


I don’t understand the need to completely change something which was working fine, and replace it by something so unappealing.


The local on the 8s needs new software.


Updated your graphics software.


The local on the 8s has huge city names blocking the view. We know where we are.

If you think you need to point out the cities...

make the names smaller. Fix it.

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