The new weather channel app is crap. You need to switch back.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Weather Channel Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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New app is hard to use and I’ve lost all my alerts. Deleted and reinstalled but didn’t help


Deleted the app. Your programmers killed your app.

It’s useless now.

Weather should be fast. I don’t want to dig for the 15 day forecast and whoever told you that graphs are the way to go was wrong.


I’ve had this app for years, but am not a fan of the new format. I’ll be looking for a replacement.


Why on earth did you guys change the format? The old version had all the info you needed at either first glance or one tap. What a step backwards, I’m heading back to Accu weather.


This new update is awful. I can’t even tell what I’m looking at. Bring the old format back!


I totally dislike the new weather app. It is just too much confusing info...

it is supposed to be easy and fast to look at the weather . Sigh....


Deleted after exploring it. Too bad I loved the old one.


Awful. Just awful


The new format is horrible. You can't quickly and easily see anything anymore. It's so visually convoluted now as to be useless.


I’m switching to another app.


It is horrible! I want the other version back !

You can't find what you looking for, looks like a stock market page not a weather update! Reduculous!


The new weather app is terrible. It stinks, it’s unclear, you can not find your weather in a glance as you could before, hard to read, contrast in colors make it difficult.

Bring back old app or finding new weather app.

It’s one thing to be wrong about the weather but now you can’t figure out what the weather will be! Ughhhh

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