The new weather channel app is crap. You need to switch back.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Weather Channel Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This new update is crap. It take minutes to load then says it’s not raining, when it’s pouring down outside.


The new weather channel on my iPhone sucks! Don’t even use it anymore! Horrible


I really hate the latest update to the app. It is counterintuitive and the daily forecast does not seem to include the chance of precipitation.

I am considering deleting it altogether and going with an easier to use app that offers more comprehensive information and is more easily navigable. Really, this update is bad.


I agree. The new site sucks. Why change a good thing.


Weather in motion is much worse... Please return to old


This map sucks now. Poor quality. Much better before "updating"



I have relied on this FOR YEARS for radar in Florida.

Whatever they did makes this a worthless piece of crap. Shame on them.


I totally agree. It's bad enough that large part of the App is devoted to ads and pop-ups that totally hinder me getting a quick informative forecast when I need - like NOW!!!

And speaking of now I just found out that they are once again trying to reinvent the wheel and the results are pitiful at best. Are we the consumer supposed to wait it out while their tech team tries to figure out the bugs thereby rendering the NEW & IMPROVED site mostly useless.

I'm no tech geek but I always thought that the bugs and glitches were supposed to worked out before the launch.... POS


And what about the videos! Used to be the coolest part of the app.

Amazing vids. Now if you move your phone one degree it goes back to small screen and freezes.

So we finally have the option to forward the vids but they never load. *** off WC


You moved the sidebar menu to RIGHT ON TOP OF THE MAP in a very annoying location, cutting even more into the map "real estate". Also, how do you save your choices on the "make the map your own" option??

Apparently, I have to go through the damn menu every time I want to see a satellite ground with a cloud layer, instead of the standard, typical radar, which I can see on any local tv station or any other app or desktop site? What's the point of making the map "your own" if you can't save the selections? I'm done with weather.com, AND its android apps.

You guys just keep changing things for the worst, not for the better. I'll make sure your advertisers know I'm unhappy, too.


They destroyed the radar page. Useless. Let’s put a giant menu in front of the map.


The new weather in motion totally sucks. If I want to see future weather on map I should have that option.

I would like to loop what's going on now, not a projection of future weather. Can't close the ads anymore either as far as I can tell.


I can’t see the radar, too many boxes. Less than 1/4 screen to look.


You must have had to work really hard to screw up your new app this bad. Just pack it in and go away..


getting rid of the app, told my husband, whatever you do, do not update to newer version. Its all ads and terrible and now they want us to pay for a premium version??

heard it sucks worse.

No covid tracker anymore either. delete the app, my local weather app is far superior


It’s the worst!!!!


I agree. It has been wrong daily and it is too broad to accurately define specific areas.


Get the accuweather app. It actually gives you weather information...


This new app is horrible, cumbersome, not easy to quickly get an overview. What was wrong with the previous version?

Nothing. Bring the previous version back.


I agree Completely

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