Good Evening,

I live in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and I watch The Weather Channel to stay updated and informed.

Playa Del Carmen has a very large Expat from the United States living here full time as well as seasonal.

The coverage of Tropical Storm/Depression Fred was excellent. Very informative and up to date. However, the coverage of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Grace is less than stellar.

I totally understand The Weather Channel is a US based station and its first obligation is to cover events in the US, however, the lack of coverage of Grace and will be Hurricane Grace by tomorrow is very disappointing and shows a lack of concern other than what happens in the US.

I would appreciate, along with all of the expats from the United States, living here in the Yucatán to please provide at least hourly or every 30 minutes update on condition concerning Grace.

Thank you very much,

Ken Lee



Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

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