During the program at 9:36 EST the presenter (wearing the black dress) said "Oh my God" when she heard that we may get more snow in Ann Arbor. This is unacceptable language in TV and the presenter should be warned against future outbursts and made to apologize on live TV. Disgraceful and unacceptable for her to speak this way: I dare say that if she had used, say a Muslim remark there would be complaints all over the place. Your program needs to clean up its act and that presenter needs to be wither fired or re-educated.

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Location: Farmington, Michigan

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*** bible thumper, smh.


What are you nuts? there is nothing wrong with what she said


What was so bad about those words. Being you saw fit to complain about it I figured it was going to be some really foul language.


In a vain attempt at humor, we present "Anonymous" from Farmington, Michigan. Not funny at all. Try again on some other forum.


Oh my god, you need to chill the fkc out

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