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Weather Forecast Review

What the ***, there is a major snow storm coming and you have a show on?? Really? Come on.
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Wilmington, Delaware
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Poor customer service

The weather channel version2.1.7.0

this the latest version and it is nothing but junk. one no thunder clap sound and two there is no way to get to the website. and three now they have a auto update. I would rather have a version that works then forced to install a version that is junk. version 7.59.99 works great with no problems. way to go weather channel people paying for ads that wont be seen. this problem has been going on for months now and still no bug fixes. my best advice install the older version the 6.0 version it works fine.
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Grand Rapids, Michigan

Weather channel

All this stuff going on in Ca. and we know nothing about it with this new Weather Channel, I have family out there, I want to know everything going on, like the weather channel we had, this is *** ! I have to go to all facebook weather to find out what is going on, cause I have 1 weather nation on channel 362, nothing eles, that tells me nothing ! AND I MEAN NOTHING!!!!! We need to know, You big companies fighting over money, and once again the poor people pay ! sad world this is !! thank you.
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Go to the weather channel website and type in whatever zip code you want to know the weather for. It's easier to find than this website and you managed to get here.

***, it's easier than Facebook! It'll take you 2 seconds to find out the weather and you can even watch the radar.

I didn't even know the weather channel even still exists on tv until your post haha!! :grin


Are you ***king How the *** did you post this?

Hmmmm.. There is this thing called the internet where I'm pretty sure you can find anything anytime including weather and news!! Whoa!

Wow! I'd rather dump a useless channel like the weather channel than have my bill go up!

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No local on the 8's

I live in the Akron, Ohio area and cannot receive local forecast anymore. We have depended on this service for years, but have been going to local network channels for accurate forecasts. Problem began when new changes were made to made in Atlanta. We currently get The Weather Channel on Time Warner Cable. We have also lost the local vocal and have never been able to get the local forecast on HD tv. My parents live in Bridgeport WV and also have Time Warner and are also experiencing the same problems. You will need a major fix to get us back.
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Cleveland, Ohio
The Weather Channel Tv Channel
During the program at 9:36 EST the presenter (wearing the black dress) said "Oh my God" when she heard that we may get more snow in Ann Arbor. This is unacceptable language in TV and the presenter should be warned against future outbursts and made to apologize on live...
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*** bible thumper, smh.

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Farmington, Michigan scam advertisements has advertisements such as smokeless Selects that scam people. I used the link on their page and used a $4.95 trial, and the same day I got my shipment my account was charged $100. I guess there was tiny print somewhere at the bottom of the page where you would have to scroll down before pushing the "next" button or whatever. The product is terrible, and they apparently scam you into signing up for a continual shipment and keep charging you. I'm up to $155 and cancelled my debit card. It's only been about 3 weeks!
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Champaign, Illinois

Weather desktop

I'm upset because I cant contact them. No phone number. You have to go through the web site and fill out a form. Problem is I have trouble with the forms coming up as an error. I signed up for a trial on their Desktop Max.. was not able to find someone to help and cancel the trial. Yes, I was charged $29 and no product to use. Sorry customer relations when you can't contact them. Very difficult and no email of my purchase or thank you. Does anyone know an email for them or phone number... Don't be a victim.
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The State of Maine We have just passed a record that has held since 193* 187 inches of snow ,it has been snowing for three days we have amassed over twenty inches in Caribou alone .Ther is a US Weather Station at Caribou why is it you never give Weather news north of Portland there is still 380 miles left in this state dont we count ?Charles F Pine Sr

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Reston, Virginia